Awareness. Compassion. Growth.

Collaboratively we will explore your strengths and empower you to find realistic ways of attaining positive changes to enhance your life or a specific situation. I meet you where you are in your process and work with you at your own pace. Creating a pathway unique to each individual leads to the most desired outcome due to you gaining a new understanding of yourself and creating new outcomes. 


Through exploration, understanding patterns and learning how to manage difficult emotions, you can gain a new perspective leading to changes in your relationships, career, family, and personal life. This is attainable by mastering new skills to help manage old behaviors and responses while learning more about yourself as you deal with life's celebrations and challenges. No matter the situation, making a change or finding acceptance for what is out of our control is possible.


A large part of growth and evolution is the practice of self-care and compassion. Through your therapeutic journey you will learn about the importance and role of taking care of yourself. Cultivating a self-care routine that will set you up for success while being compassionate towards yourself for the hurdles you run into along the way. You can find fulfillment and move forward from what has been holding you back.







Specializing in:

  • Anxiety/Stress Management 

  • Depression

  • Feelings of overwhelm

  • Life transitions

  • Relationship struggles

  • Substance abuse and Addiction





The only thing that is constant is change- Heraclitus

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